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Senior Pupil Authorities 2018-19

1Vignesh MehrotraLyons HouseCollege Captain
2Inzamamul Haq AnsariHodson HouseCollege Vice Captain
3Siddharth MisraCornwallis HouseHouse Captain
4Hansi ChaurasiaCornwallis HouseHouse Vice Captain
5Ishan BhasinCornwallis HousePrefect
6Ishan KalhansCornwallis HousePrefect
7Shaun BurbidgeCornwallis HouseSenior Monitor
8Leon TindaleCornwallis HouseSenior Monitor
9Om JaiswalCornwallis HouseJunior Monitor
10Hassan SiddiquiCornwallis HouseJunior Monitor
11Jayam BalaniHodson HouseHouse Captain
12Faraz AhmadHodson HouseHouse Vice Captain
13Arnav GurnaniHodson HousePrefect
14Anas KhanHodson HousePrefect
15Durgesh DubeyHodson HouseSenior Monitor
16Kirti Vardhan SinghHodson HouseSenior Monitor
17Abu Bakr RashidHodson HouseJunior Monitor
18Abhishek YadavHodson HouseJunior Monitor
19Sukhdev KumarLyons HouseHouse Captain
20Styris J. PeterLyons HouseHouse Vice Captain
21Priyank AgnihotriLyons HousePrefect
22Mohd Yasir KhanLyons HousePrefect
23Harshit JaiswalLyons HouseSenior Monitor
24Ishaan LathLyons HouseSenior Monitor
25Bhavjot SinghLyons HouseJunior Monitor
26Pratham SinghLyons HouseJunior Monitor
27Naman MishraMartin HouseHouse Captain
28Kunal GargMartin HouseHouse Vice Captain
29Srijan KumarMartin HousePrefect
30Arnav ShankarMartin HousePrefect
31Ritvik KumarMartin HouseSenior Monitor
32Shashwat Mani TripathiMartin HouseSenior Monitor
33Saharsh Singh GartaulaMartin HouseJunior Monitor
34Abhay YadavMartin HouseJunior Monitor
35Shaun BurbidgeCornwallis HouseChoir Monitor
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