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Admission Notice Resident Scholars

Click to view : Resident Scholar Admission Notice 2019-20

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Offer of Admission for Resident Scholars

Click to View : Offer of Admission for Resident Scholars 2019-20

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Advertisement for various posts

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Our College Website

I am delighted with the new College website and its potential. Be sure, I will be using this space very often!

I would like to use this occasion to offer my special thanks to Mr. Manish Sharma who designed this. Manish is an old boy of the College in the typical Martiniere mould. He works out of Hyderabad and Lucknow and is, like most of us, deeply attached to the College. With business interests in Biotechnology, e-business, designing and a host of ‘money-spinning’ stuff, he has found time to work on this website in a professional manner. I too have been ordered a training in how to communicate on the web … and hence this message!

Thank you Manish and your team for this gift to La Martiniere.

Our EDP Department in the College has provided all the background support, under Manish’s guidance. Mr Sebastian Francis is responsible for much of the digital development in the College. For the website itself, Mr Desmond Michael has contributed sincerely. He shall be coordinating the posts and sections on the site. This is a full time job for him.

Once again: It is always necessary for us to remain in touch. For those of you who are very far away from Lucknow, Mart should be just a click away. Your suggestions and comments are welcomed. Do keep in touch!

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Welcome Message


Dear Friends, Welcome to the New Official Website of La Martiniere College, Lucknow. This website is maintained by the EDP Department of the College. You are welcome to browse through the contents and feel a part of the Martiniere tradition. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed. The website shall be updated on a regular basis. It is hoped that all surviving records and documents related to the history of the College shall be uploaded as soon as possible.

Personally, I would like to use this space to keep in touch with you. To facilitate this, please use the address . It will be a pleasure to remain in touch especially with old Martinians from around the world.

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