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Summer Vacation 2019

Summer Holiday 2019

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Change in College Timings


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LMUN 2018

The La Martiniere Model United Nations 2018 was held from the 2nd to the 4th of November. The committees were:


  1. United Nations General Assembly: 2nd Committee (ECOFIN): Discussing the role of Shell Corporations in enabling International Criminal Fraud and Money Laundering.


  1. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC): 1) The violation of Human Rights by State actors in the guise of National Emergencies and Crises.

3. Popularization of Hate Speech and its scope of operation under the Freedom of Speech.


  1. United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC): Ensuring the healthy development of Artificial Intelligence.


  1. United Nations Security Council Evaluating the effectiveness of Visa Blockades and Travel Bans in maintaining International Peace and Security.


  1. UN-WATER: Discussing the Jordan River Crisis with special emphasis on its impact on the situation in Syria.


  1. African Union (AU): Developing Transnational Transportation and Infrastructure with Special Emphasis on Maintenance of Security.


  1. Meeting of the Black Panther Party (1971): Adoption of Methods to Counter Institutional Racism and Achieve Equality in the United States of America.


  1. National Security Council Of India: Strategic Policy Group: Reforming the Indian Defence Sector with Special Emphasis on the Manufacture and Proliferation of Advanced Weaponry in India.


  1. Ministerial Cabinet of the 3rd Borissov Government: Elimination of Organised Crime Groups Operating in Bulgaria.


  1. Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General- Assembly of the Ministers of the Kingdom. Internal and Geopolitical Situation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


There were many international issues as the Committees’ agendas. Two of the committees even had tedious midnight sessions. Honorable members of our society, who came in as different keynote speakers, addressed the young delegates. The First two evenings were made lively by the ‘Delegate Evening’ (a succession of rock band performances) and the ‘Fellowship'(social) respectively. The whole conference was a huge success as delegates from all round India attended it and were chaired by an international executive board known as Agnese Cigliano.


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English Elocution

The English Elocution contest was held on 29th and the 30th of October 2018 where each class was represented by one student. In division A which comprised of classes 11 and 12 the prizes were given to the following boys:

Arnav Shanker of 12 A won the first prize, Saransh Alexander Kumar of 11 A won the second prize and Naman Mishra of 12 C won the third prize.

In division B, which comprised of classes 9 and 10 the following boys, won the prizes:

Akul Kumar of 9 C won the first prize, Donovan Figg of 10 C won the second prize and Ashley Hamlin of 10 B won the third prize.

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Constantia 2018

Constantia was held from the 23rd to the 27th of October. Registration took place on the first day. The main event began on the 24th with events such as Gamer’s Nirvana, Pandora’s Box and Picture Perfect. The second day had events like the Hot Shoe, Breaking News and Aqua Challenge. Coordinated group dances were presented and interactive news pieces were recorded. On the 25th Pitch Perfect, Battle of Bands, Madvert and Clue Rush were held. Disc Jockeys competed and artistic comic talents were examined in the Mixtape Studio and Giggles respectively.

La Martiniere College was declared the overall champions for Constantia 2018 and La Martiniere Girls’ College were declared the Runners up.

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Athletics Season 2018

The Annual Athletics Season commenced on the 12th October at Polo Ground with Athletics Vice Captain Anand Prakash Pandey leading the College in the lighting of the torch.

Various athletics activities were organized along with the Tug-Of-War. The Tug-of-war was won by Cornwallis House and the Annual Contest between the pupils and the staff members, was won by the Staff team.

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Gandhi Jayanti

The birth anniversary of the ‘Father of the Nation’ was celebrated on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The boys of the Boarding House, the Staff and the Pupil authorities were gathered in the Spence Hall where the proceedings took place. Everyone was welcomed by the Vice Principal who spoke about the day’s significance. A photograph of Gandhiji was then garlanded by the College Captain and the youngest boy in the school. Following this, excerpts were read from the Bible the College Vice Captain, and from the Geeta the College Captain. These were further explained by the Principal who also spoke about Gandhiji’s qualities. ‘Let There be Peace on Earth’ was sung by the Choir and prayers from every religion represented in the school were recited. A poem on Gandhiji was recited and the proceedings ended with the singing of ‘Gandhi Tere Desh Mein’ and the National Anthem.

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