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INNOGEN is an event where young students get an opportunity to showcase their revolutionary ideas for the future and even create demonstration models to further illustrate them.
There were working models of a hydroelectric power plant, an ATM machine, a potato cannon, a pair of smart shoes which can charge batteries or a small electrical appliance and a security system using a laser scanner.

The judges for the competition were Dr. Parthasarathi Ramakrishnan (from the CSIR- Indian Institute of Toxicology Research) and Mr. Sanjeev Ojha, Principal Scientist at the National Botanical Research Institute of India.

The first prize was won by the hydroelectric power plant. The second prize was won by the remote-controlled vacuum cleaner. The third prize was won by the potato cannon. The entire event was managed by boys of the school, with assistance from their teachers.


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Classes Suspended


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On the 29th of January the Senior-Most boys bid farewell to their second home. Every year a Farewell Programme is organized by the pupils of class 11 for their seniors. The event started with a batch photograph in the afternoon. After the photo session at the East-Terrace, the boys attended a Farewell Chapel Service. While the seniors were attending the chapel service, all the boys of class 11 lined up around the Principal’s Lawn and warmly welcomed them into the Spence Hall after the service. All the boys of class 12 were given a sentimental token as a souvenir.

A power point presentation made by the Media Team portraying the memories of the batch of class 12 and their journey throughout La Martiniere was played for the boys. It was followed by a ramp walk in which all the boys of class 12 took part. The students of class 11 performed a dance and a few songs for their seniors. In the end, the Principal announced the awards in which our College Captain Vighnesh Mehrotra won The Gentleman of the Year as well as Mr. La Martiniere. The 1st Runners up and 2nd Runners up was won by Naman Mishra and Ayaan Garg respectively. Mr. Suave was won by Vedant Agnihotri.

Dinner was served at the Sykes Hall Lawn thus concluding the farewell for the pupils of the Batch of 2018-2019.

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