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School Updates

Flower Show

Gardners (Copy)

Our College Gardeners participated in a Flower Show organized at the Raj Bhawan. A number of prizes were won. In the ‘Perennial Flowers’ category, our gardeners were awarded three 1st Prizes, seven 2nd Prizes and seven 3rd Prizes. In the ‘Cut Flowers’ category our College won one 1st Prize and three 3rd Prizes.

In the up keep and maintenance of gardens according to their sizes, our Junior School Garden was awarded the 1st Prize in the 1000-1500 meters garden category. The  Constantia garden was awarded the 1st Prize in the 1000 meters garden category. In the 1500-2000 meters garden category the Bachelors Mess Garden was awarded the 1st Prize and the Cemetery Garden was awarded the  2nd Prize.

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Quiz on Greek Mythology

M Quiz (Copy)

A quiz on Greek Mythology was held on the 25th of February 2016. This was organized by a group of boys called “M QUBE” led by Arujun Kriplani of 9-B and Ishitv Parrick of 9-A.


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The 2nd Annual Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition (Copy)

The 2nd Annual Art Exhibition was held from 18th and 19th February, 2016 by the Art Department at the Art Gallery specially setup at the Teacher Centre. The sale proceeds from the painitings shall be used for the conservation of Constantia.

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Visit a Photography Exhibition

Photo (Copy)

Members of THE MEDIA TEAM visited a Photography Exhibition on Wild Life conducted by Mrs. Abhilasha Yadav at Vivanta by Taj on the 26th February,2016. Mrs. Abhilasha Yadav interacted with the pupils and shared her experience and vison. The boys were accompanied by The Principal Mr. Carlyle McFarland and Mr. N. Srivastava.

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Visit to the Cheshire Home

Cherish Home (Copy)
The pupils of Class 11-A visited the Cheshire Home. They distributed biscuits, muffins, juice and toiletries among the inmates of the Homes. This was done under the guidance of their class teacher Mrs. D. Badgel.

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Truth behind Love

Book Realsese

Damian Don Williams of Class 11 has written a book titled “Truth behind Love”.

His book is available as an E-BOOK on Kindle and Amazon.
Amazon Link:

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Our Budding Scientist



Prakhar Saxena of 9-B participated in a city level competition “INNOVATIVE PROJECT DISPLAY CONTEST” held at Regional Science City Lucknow held between the 27th to 29th February,2016. This was held in association with Council of Science and Technology, U.P. The model presented by the team of Prakhar Saxena and Naman Mishra was judged as the best & was awarded the 1st Prize. The boys were awarded a cash prize and certificates of appreciation.

Prakhar Saxena of 9-B and Naman Mishra of 9-A have also filed a patent application with the office of Registrar Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Govt. of India to patent  their project.

Three more projects have been sent to the Registrar Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Govt. of India namely the Servo Stylus made by Aditya Narayan & Dhruv Sharma, Gesture controlled Wheel Chair by Mohd. Abdul Azeez and Faizan Musheer and TORAC by Yash Nigam for patents.

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RIP Mr. Jagdish

With deep regret I have to inform that Mr Jagdish Prasad, our College Library Assistant has passed away in Civil Hospital, following a massive heart attack. There was no history of ailment. Our condolences are with the family, especially his son Krishna who graduated from La Martiniere. The College flag has been lowered to half-mast.

Classes shall be suspended tomorrow (29 February, 2016) as a mark of respect. The examinations of the Council, scheduled for tomorrow shall be held as per programme.

The Resident Scholars shall join in a Chapel Service at 8.30 a.m. tomorrow. Staff are invited to attend.

RIP Jagdish. A good and loyal worker.

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