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School Updates

Holiday Notice

Former President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has died. The College shall remain closed as a mark of respect on Tuesday, 28 July, 2015. The flag shall fly at half-mast. A condolence Assembly shall be held at 8.15 a.m. where all members of Staff from both campuses, resident scholars and other pupils present shall attend. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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Classroom Competitions

The much awaited results of the Classroom Competitions for the month of July are Class 5F, Class 6-B, Class 7-C, Class 8-C, Class 9-B, Class 10-D, Class 11-F, and Class 12-F who shall be awarded 15 points each.


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Hockey League

As the Hockey League matches continued, class 7 E played against class 7 F on 21st July 2015. .Class 7 E lead by Harshdeep Dubey won the match by 2-1. The Goal scorers from 7 E were Harshdeep Dubey (1) and Animesh Mishra (1) and from 7 F, Ajay Singh scored the lone goal.

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Beyblade Tournment

For the second time the College hosted the BEYBLADE TOURNAMENT on 16/7/15 in the Activity Hall. Classes 5, 6 and 7 participated in the event.
The First position was bagged by the team ‘Eagle Eye’ led by Aman Raza. Team ‘Dark Dragon Destroyers’ lead by Priyansh Bhatnagar and ‘Four Galaxies’ led by Zain Ashraf came second and third respectively.

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Pegasus 2015

La Martiniere College organized Pegasus 2015 on 11th July which included two events- Exotech (Robotics and Science Model Making) and Compuwiz.

In the first event, La Martiniere College stood second. Mohd Shaizan ofClass 7-B, Labib Khan of 7-F and Nilay Roy Choudhury of 8-D were the College’s representatives.

Compuwiz, though the College failed to win a prize the efforts of the participants were lauded by the judges. Akul Kumar of 6-B and Abhiram Krishna Shukla of 7-F were the boys who took part.
These events were organized almost exclusively by the boys of the College who left no stone unturned in making it successful. They included- Naman Mishra, Aditya Narain Mishra, Dhruv Sharma, Sahastranshu Sinha, Mohd Faizan, Mohd Nadeem, Jai Kapoor, Nishkarsh Singh, Amaan, Abhishek Tripathi, Naman Rastogi, Kanshika Chandra, Azhan Ali, Prakhar Saxena, Okasha Hasan, and Mohd Zaid Hussain.


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Middle School Elocution Contest

The results of the Middle School Elocution Contest in English were declared. In Division D, Parv Johar of 5-B and Ishit Dev Sinha of 6-C stood First, followed by Abhigya Talwar of 6-B (third position).
In Division C, Garv Kalra of 7-E bagged the First position while Ashley Hamiln of 7-C and Nilay Roy Choudhary of 8-D tied for Second position.

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Class VII Hockey League Matches

The Class 7 hockey league match was held on 15th July 2015. Class 7-C played against 7-D and class 7C won by 1-0. The goal was scored by Habib Haider.

The Class 7 D team comprised of Samhav Shukla, Devashish Mishra, Trijit Gupta, Kartikeya Gupta, Ashar Arif, Adarsh Jaiswal, Mustafa Hussain, Shaswat Gupta, Rudra Arora, Joy Sarrow, and Khubaib Ali Warsi.

Class 7 C, the winning team, comprised of Farhan Waziri, Habib Haider, Shriyam Agarwal, Vivek Singh, Aman Ansari, Ahmad Khalid, Azhan Khan, Ayush Mishra, Siddharth Tiwari, Arpan Singh and Faud Ansari.


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Frank Anthony All India Interschool Debate

La Martiniere College participated in the Frank Anthony All India Interschool Debate. In category I, Our team comprising of Raghav Kohli and Dhruv Sinha were declared the 1st runners up. Raghav Kohli was also adjudged the 1st runner up speaker.

In Category II, our team comprised of Varenya Vir Singh and Vedansh Tandon. They were awarded the prize for the 1st runner up team. Varenya Vir Singh won the 1st runner up speaker award.
Both the teams have qualified for the 2nd round.

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