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School Updates

Christmas Cantata


A Christmas Cantata and programme was held in Spence Hall. It was attended by a large audience. The programme comprised of students of different ages. A shadow play was staged depicting the Nativity of Christ. A Ballet showing the Spirit of Christmas was performed. A short skit revealing the true sense of Christmas was appreciated by everyone. The main focus of the evening was on the Cantata. The Choir sung tuneful Christmas Carols. The evening ended with a message by Pastor Henry Samson, of the Dua Ka Ghar. The evening culminated with a vote of thanks by the Principal. This was followed by Tea and Cake on the Principal’s Lawn.

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Cricket League Match

In a Cricket League Match played on the 22nd November 2014. Game changers (a Cricket club in La Martiniere College) won the match against the Real Spartacus (a Cricket club in La Martiniere College). The best bowler was Sahaj Manchanda and the best Batsman Krishna Dev Singh.

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Final Class Football Match

The Finals of the class League football matches were played between 6D and 6A. Class 6D won the match. The Golden Boot was awarded to Ibrahim Hussian of Class 6A.

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Senior School Christmas Celebration


A Christmas programme was organized in Spence Hall. This included a shadow performance of the nativity, a Choreography showing the spirit of Christmas. The hall was beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas decorations.

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Junior School Christmas Celebration

Junior School Christmas

A Christmas party was organized by the teachers of the Junior School for their children. This included a nativity play and a lot of carol singing. After the stage performance, the children celebrated Christmas in their classrooms and exchanged gift.

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Christmas Carol Competition

10-12-14 Prizes Collage

Our boys participated in the Christmas carol Competition organized by City Montessori School.  Our College stood 1st. Mr. Deen our music teacher was given the award for the best music teacher and the best team leader.

  • Jonathan Sahae
  • Saransh Kumar
  • Anant Naman Mishra
  • Anay Parth Verma
  • Tanay Jaiswal
  • Aatmesh Bajpai
  • Ishit Dev Sinha
  • Yash Narula
  • Ameer
  • Yashwardhan Rai
  • Shubhobrota Chatterjee
  • Abhishek Chatterjee
  • Ambrish Raj
  • Ali Naqvi
  • Nikhil Tigga
  • Joel Malvin
  • Stephen Kataria
  • Shino Shery Oommen
  • Samarth Enosh Harrison
  • Richard Massey


Mr. G. E. Deen (Best Team Leader) Music  Teacher

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Our College participated in a cultural event called “Symphony-2014”.

In an event called “Mathemagic” our boys stood first and in the Flower arrangement competition our boys stood Second.

Flower Arrangement – Ekebana

  • Ansh Ranjan 6-B
  • Prabhu Naman 6-A
  • Ujjuwal Bhattacharya 6-G
  • Aftab Hussain 6-F


  • Srijan Bhargava 6-C
  • Dhruv Misra 6-D
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The 6th International young Mathematica convention (Y.M.C).  Mathematica was organized by CMS. Shubham Bhagat, Rohan Gupta and Saharsh Singh did exceptionally well in the Junior division. Yasharth Shekhar, Sauhard Srivastava and Mayank Hemwani did very well in the Senior Division.


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