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School Updates

‘The Miracle of Christmas’

lucknow christian chorus  On web

The Lucknow Christian Chorus organized a cantata on 7th December. The programme included songs and a Christmas Tableau. The Tableau had children from our school. The cantata had a senior choir, a children’s choir and the Tableau. The event was followed by coffee and cake on the Principal’s Lawn.

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Annual Fete


The Annual Fete was held on 6th December 2014 at Fairydale. The fete commenced at 12:00 noon and ended around 5:00 pm. The Teachers had put up various stalls. There were food stalls and game stalls. The proceeds from the sale of the coupons shall go towards the restoration of Constantia. All the stalls were very colourfully decorated. There was a very good footfall at the fete.

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Cock House Party ( Hodson House)

cock-house 2014 Web

After having emerged winners in sports and academics through the year, Hodson House emerged as ‘COCK HOUSE’. The Spence hall was tastefully decorated with red and white balloons. Mr. Neeraj Srivastava and his wife Mrs. Anupama Srivastava saw to the overall arrangements of the party. There was a social and a dinner on the Principals Lawn.

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Kite Flying Competition

Date : 13th November 2014

Organized by :

Amol Tandon  VII-E

Ashutosh Rai VII- D

Srijan Kumar VII- G

Judges : Mrs. R. Chopra & Mrs. E Rana

For the Best Decorated Kite  

3rd Prize Shashwat Roy 5C

2nd Prize Pratham H. Chandra 7E

1st Prize Anmol Tandon 7E


For the ‘Last Kite Flying’ 

3rd Prize Zaid Kaleem 8E

2nd Prize Meeran Khan 7A

1st Prize Mirza Ali Haider 8D

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Certificates of Appreciation ‘Martiniere Post

The boys of the Publication Club- English of the Martiniere Post and Daily News Division were awarded Certificates of Appreciation by the College. The certificates were given to

  1. The Editor – Shashwat
  2. The Sub Editor – Neil Richard Innis
  3. Members – Parush Kumar, Pratish Poddar, Ankit Sahai, Rajveer Bhisht.
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Best Class Room

Best Classroom

The Results of the Classroom Competition for classes 10 and 12 for the year 2014-15 culminated with the cake presentation ceremony at Assembly today. Class 10F was the winner among the sections of Class and Classes 12A and 12D were joint winners for class 12. The Class teachers were presented  a cake each to be shared among the boys.

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Certificates of Appreciation ‘College band’

The boys of the College band we given Certificates of Appreciation. They are:

Prateek Joseph (Leader)
Utkarsh Pandey (Bass Drummer)
Tejas Jagdhari (Bagpiper)
Anshuman Singh Chauhan (Bagpiper)
Jaivardhan Mittal (Bagpiper)
Jai Sahai (Bagpiper)
Raghav Prakash (Bagpiper)
Ojasvin Agarwal (Bagpiper)
Raghav Prakash (Bagpiper)
Rishabh Sinha (Bagpiper)
Shah Harban Khan (Bagpiper)
Ally Abbas (Bagpiper)
Yash Vardhan Sharma (Bagpiper)
Abhishikt David Solomon (Bagpiper)
Devansh Mehrotra (Bagpiper)
Srijan Shukla (Bagpiper)
Mohd. Farzan (Drummer)
Chaitanya Gupta (Drummer)
Umair Majid (Drummer)
Chaitanya Shukla (Drummer)
Chitrarth Gambhir (Drummer)
Paritosh Nigam (Drummer)
Bharat Singh (Drummer)
Samarth Bharadwaj (Drummer)
Mohd. Arham Shakeel (Drummer)
Aakash Bagchi (Drummer)
Aakash Agarwal (Cymbals)
Aaqib Ahemad Iraqi (Cymbals)
Mehul Thapa (Bugler)
Vyom Tripathi (Bugler)
Rohan Verma (Bugler)
Zulfikar Ali (Bugler)
Sarthak Chawla (Bugler)
Anas Faroqui (Bugler)
Hamza Iqbal (Bugler)
Mohd. Amaan (Bagpiper)
Amaan Ahmad Khan (Drummer)
Jazib Shere (Drummer)
Rahul Uniyal (Bugler)
Shaurya Gupta (Cymbals)
Shaurya Madhok (Drummer)
Ali Muzammil (Drummer)
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Annual Sports Day 2014

desmond sir

On 29th November 2014 the 132nd Annual Sports Day was held.

Dr S.K. Hasan, the record holder  for Pole Vault in 1968 was the Chief Guest of the evening. Junior School Sports Day was held in the morning. Both presented excellent P.T Displays and Gymnastics. The marching band presented well coordinated music. The results for the Athletics are as follows :-

1st Hodson House

2nd Lyons House

3rd Martin House


The overall Champions were:-

Colts Divisions – Ankit Kumar

Junior Divisions – Sarthak Kumar

Senior Divisions – Adrian Atkins

Lyons House Contingent Number 1 won the prize for the best marching squad.

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