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School Updates

1st La Martiniere Model United Nations


Lmun 2014

The College hosted the 1st LMUN. 8 schools participated in the two day event. The event was conducted on the  8th & 9th of November 2014. The event  was marked by the presence of prestigious speakers Mr. Wajahat Habibullah (Former Chief Information Commissioner Chairman, Minorities Commission, Mr. Debashish Chakravarti (former Ambassador of India to Ireland) and Mrs. Tulika Srivastava (Executive Director of South Asian Women’s Fund)

The Best Delegation was won by  La Martiniere College for Boys, Kolkata. Hanumant Thakur of La Martiniere College, Lucknow was awarded the best Delegate in the NATO Russia Council and Abhinav Mathur was awarded the best delegate in the Security Council.

The event was ably managed by the boys of La Martiniere Lucknow led by Raghav Kohli who acted as the Secretary General in the 1st LMUN.

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The boys of the Middle School organized ‘INNOGEN’ 14. The students under the guidance of Mr. D.K. Srivastava and Mr. P. Wesley made innovative science models. Parents were also invited. The efforts of the boys were greatly appreciated. Most of the models were made using simple electrical connections.

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Oath taking ceremony

Atheletics Oath taking ceremony

The Oath taking ceremony took place on the 29th of October 2014 on the Polo grounds of La Martiniere College. Adrin Aitkins, the Athletics Captain read the prayers. Our Principal led the boys to take an Oath to play honestly and with dedication. The four House Captains and the Athletics Captain led the boys in repeating the Oath.

This was followed by a tug-o-war between the houses. Lyons house emerged as winners. This was followed by a tug-o-war between the staff and the students in which the staff team emerged the winner.

Finally the winning teams relished the cakes presented by the College.

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Constantia 2014

CONSTANTIA 2014 Collage


Constantia 2014 was held on the 21st October 2014. This was the third consecutive year that this mega event was organized by the LEO’s of our college under the guidance of Mrs. R. Tandon and Mrs. S. Siddiqui.

The event started from 10:00 am and culminated with the prize distribution at 7:30pm.

22 schools took part this year. A number of events took place including Giggles, Rang de Chak, Breaking News, Nibbles, Tako Niko, Corporate Simulation, What’s the Good Word, Java-Jibe, Web Genesis and Pirouette.

A number of renowned people came to judge the various events including Mrs. Pankaj Bafuoria (Masterchef) known throughout the country for her cooking skills.

Our College emerged Champions.



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Sufi Nite


The Staff and pupils of La Martiniere College witnessed a grant night of lovely performances of Sufi songs and Qawalis.

Spic- Macay, an association to promote Indian culture among our society organized this event. The event started with a brief introduction to Boulene Lisa or ‘Gori Bibi’ by the Principal was by a brief introduction to Sufism by Mr. Syed Naqvi a renowed Journalist and an old- Martinian.

This was followed by a sufi- song sung by boys of our school led by Badrul Ameen Siddiqui. A Sufi dance was presented by the senior boys of our College led by Mansoor Malik.

There was a grand performance of the famous Qawals of the Warsi family of Rampur.

The night ended with ‘Fateha’ that was recited for the repose of the soul of Boulone Lisa led by Mohd Saqlain.

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Calligraphy workshop


Calligraphy WS 15 Oct 2015

Mr Anis Siddiqui who hails from Madhubani District of Bihar conducted a Calligraphy workshop for Class 5 in the Spence HAll. The students enjoyed and learned the basics of this art with enthusiasm.

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Derek O’ Brein Quiz & Vodafone Faster

QUIZ_stills Final


Quiz Derek O’ Brein Yippee Challenge

Intra School Round

Date: 14th October 2014

Venue : Spence Hall

4 teams each comprising of one boy from class 5, and one from class 6 and one from class 7 participated.

Winner :

Akul Kumar 5-D
Shiv Sawhney7-B

Winners will represent the college for the City Finals at La Martiniere Girls College on the 21stOctober 2014.

Vodafone Faster Smarter Better Challenge

Date: 14th October 2014

Venue : Spence Hall

4 teams from our college competed with each other. Each team comprised of 3 boys- one from class 8, one from class 9 and one from class 10, 11 & 12.

Winner :

Vignesh Mehrotra8F
Ayush Nigam9C
Aditya Jalan10A

Winners will represent the college for the City Finals at La Martiniere Girls College on the 21stOctober 2014.

A special certificate was awarded for the all rounder student – Utkarsh Tripathi 9-D

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La Martiniere College is associated with SPIC- MACAY, an organization that promotes the awareness of Indian Culture has organized a series of programmes for our boys.

On 13th & 14th October 2014 Pt. Vishma Mohan Bhatt performed for the resident scholars and guests in Spence Hall.   Pt. Vishma Mohan Bhatt is a Grammy Award winner. Pt. Vishma Mohan Bhatt also performed in Spence Hall on his famous ‘Mohan Veena’ for the pupils of classes 8 on 14th October. The students apppriciated his performance.

On the 15th October 2014, the students of classes 4 and 5 were mesmerized by the entertaining performance of Pt. Ronu Majumdar who played the flute for the students which the students loved listening too.

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