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It Wiz

The TCS-IT WIZ quiz is considered to the one of the most popular quizzes in the IT field. Our College was represented by 36 students. Prakhar Rai and Aditya Jalan stood 1st in the prelims and 2nd in the finals. Our college was also awarded the overall trophy. We also won the prize for being the best cheering squad.

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Gandhi Jayanti

G J 2014 Collage Website G J 20141-2 Website

A chapel service was held on the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti at the College Chapel. The service was attended by the resident scholars and resident staff. The service started with the lighting of the lamp .The lamp was lit by Mr P .Collins , Mrs P. Cowasji , Mr A. Michael, Mrs G. Lobo and Anurag Shah.

The Portrait of Gandhiji was garlanded by Anurag Shah and the two youngest resident scholars Dominic and Kenneth Evans

A series of prayers were recited for communal harmony. Mrs G.Lobo , Nitin Yadav , Shekhar Gaur, Maaz Ahmed and Vagesh Sisodia recited the Christian , Hindu , Buddhist , Islamic and Sikh prayers respectively.

Our Principal addressed the congregation and said that we should not iconise him because it shall become difficult to follow him in our daily lives.

This was followed by the choir singing “Make me a Channel of Your Peace” which was one of the favorite songs of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Chapel Service was followed by a brief fellowship in the Board Room.

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Founder’s Day

Founders Day Main

Founder’s day is the most important event in our School Calendar. As every year the occasion calls for a lot of fanfare. This year too preparations for the event started nearly two months ago.

In the morning the Founder’s Day Chapel Service was conducted. The event started with the laying of wreaths at the Founder’s tomb by distinguished guests and members of the school fraternity. Pastor Sammy Matthai an alumnus of this college delivered the message. This was followed by refreshments in the Sykes hall.

Later that morning the Final of the Inter School Swimming competition was held. The event was attended by a number of old boys as well.

In the Senior Division Cornwallis House, Junior Division- Martin House and in the Colts division Cornwallis House stood first. The Senior, Junior and Colts’ champions were Ashwin Chowdhary, Neelansh Gupta and Adnan Ahmed respectively.

In the evening the Annual Entertainment programme comprised of drama, dance and music. The show stopper being the senior and middle dance choreographed by Mr Nigel Hopley.

The event ended with a vote of thanks by the Principal.

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Staff Vs. Pupil Authorities Football Match



On the 10th of September, La Martiniere College had its annual Staff Vs. Pupil Authorities Football Match which was held at the Polo Ground. The match was full of exciting moments and ended in a draw between the two teams, the final score being 2-2.

The goals were scored by:-

Mr.P.V.Collins, (Vice Principal) and Mr.Priyank Simon (Teacher) from the Staff Team.

And  Shekhar Gaur (House Captain, Hodson House) and Nelson D’Nacio (House Vice Captain, Cornwallis House) from the Pupil Authorities Team.

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Open State Swimming Championship

9 sept

Open State Swimming Championship (Held on 6th and 7th September at KD Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow)

The following Boys were selected:

  1. Ahmed Faraz Jafri
  2. Shobhit Kumar
  3. Shivansh Mishra
  4. Neelansh Gupta
  5. Adnan Ahmed


Rotary Club Debate was held at NBRI Auditorium on 7th September


  1. Mohammad Maaz Ahmad
  2. Siddhant Raj Tripathi


Topic: Rising Young Population is a Boon or Bane.

2nd Best Speaker: Siddhant Raj Tripathi(Against the Motion)
3rd Best Speaker : Mohd. Maaz Ahmad (For the Motion)
Best Male Speaker : Siddhant Raj Tripathi
La Martiniere College was declared 3rd Best Team.


Inter-Section Gaming Competition Results Class 10

Game Played: CounterStrike
10D vs 10F – 10F Winner (Walkover)
10B vs 10C – 10C Winner (6-0)
10A vs 10E – 10A Winner (6-4)

Semi Finals

10C vs 10F – 10F Winner (6-0)
10C vs 10A – 10A Winner (6-2)


10F (The Dark Aces) vs 10A (The A-Team): 10F Winner (6-0)





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Teachers’ Day


On the occasion of Teachers’ Day i.e.5th September a Special Assembly was held. The portrait of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was garlanded by Sauhard Srivastava and Vikramaditya Veer Singh. Areeb Ahmed and Vignesh Mehrotra addressed the assembly. Students gave flowers and gifts to their teachers. After assembly a special programme was held in Spence Hall. The programme included dances, songs and mimicry of teachers.


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Reserve Bank of India Quiz

RBI Quiz


The Reserve Bank of India Quiz was held on the 3rd September 2014 at the Indira Pratisthan, Gomti Nagar, in which La Martiniere College was represented by 15 teams comprising of 2 participants each. There was a written preliminary round on the basis of which 6 teams had to qualify for the final stage round.

5 teams from our college qualified for the final round but each school could be represented by only one team on stage. They were :

1)    Ayush Niham              9-C

2)    Samarth Srivastava 10-C

The other 4 teams were:

1)    Karan David 11-C  &  Yash Choudhary     11-C

2)    Harshit Sinha 12-C & Sauhard Srivastava   12-C

3)    Kshitij Singh 11-C & Devang Shandilya   11-E

4)    Yashasvi Srivastava 10 B & Saharsh Singh 10 A

All teams on stage comprised of boys of classes 11 and 12. The team from La Martiniere College was the only team comprising of boys from class 9 and 10. Nevertheless these boys gave their peers a tough competition and managed to win the 3rd prize.



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ASISC UP Regional Volleyball meet-2014

La Martiniere College stood runner up in zonal Volleyball tournament. Three boys were selected for the Regional Volleyball team of Lucknow from La Martiniere College:-
1. Saurabh Chaturvedi
2. Samridh Rana
3. Nirbheek Agarwal 

Nirbheek Agarwal has also been selected for the National team from UP.

The boys of volleyball team of La Martiniere College:-
1. Somya Didwania
2. Nirbheek Agarwal
3. Nelson D’ nacio
4. Victor David
5. Saurabh Chaturvedi
6. Samridh Rana
7. Arqam Shah
8. Vagish Singh Sisodia
9. Sedrick Pierce
10. Chaitanya Gupta
11. Abdullah Khan

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