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School Updates

Martin Memorial Inter-Martiniere Debate


collage mmd 2014

The Martin Memorial Inter-Martiniere Debate was presided over by Mr Anand Sagar, renowned journalist and an alumnus of the College. The topic for the debate was ‘Damage to the environment is inevitable when standards of living improve’. The College proposed the motion whereas the girls opposed the motion. The Proposition was represented by-

  1. Raghav Kohli (Principal speaker)
  2. Mohd. Zaid
  3. Anant Khanna
  4. Yash Joshi


The Opposition was represented by-

  1. Parnika Dembla (Principal speaker)
  2. Prachi Tripathi
  3. Radhika Mehra
  4. Yugika Mital

The motion was carried and Prachi Tripathi was adjudged the best speaker.


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A Library cum Leisure room

WEB Post

The Preparatory Department was gifted with a Library cum Leisure room today. It has many books for the students to read and learn. It is a well-decorated room with good infrastructure and beautiful wall painting depicting various characters along with good seating arrangements which children will enjoy. Mr. Shavez Arif, an alumnus and parent is responsible for this addition to the school.

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Kids Fest to St Teresa’s Day School & College




These  are some achievements of the children who went for the Kids Fest to St Teresa’s Day School & College.   Art Competition — Syed Aryan Anwar   came FIRST   and Kushagra Tewari   came THIRD

Novus  Literati   at St Teresa’s  Day College ,   Quiz  —  Vishwan  Prakash  &  Vihaan  Sharma  came  THIRD.

Aditya  Saurabh  &  Syed Ayan  Anwar  went for   Jumbled Games and they did their best.

The boys were trained by Mrs M. Gupta . and Ms Kapoor .

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EID prayers at College Mosque

Jamat Ul Vida


The Muslim boys of the boarding house attended a prayer congregation / namaaz held at the college mosque. Mr Moin Ali (Jun. Daroga) led the boys in the prayer and later in the evening librarian of the Senior Library Mrs. N. Hasnain organised an Iftar Party at her residence in which boys enjoyed delicious iftari.


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IIMUN 2014



IIMUN 2014

Teacher in charge – Dr Sidique

La Martiniere College hosted the first edition of the Indian International Model United Nations from 18-20 July, 2014.  Over 170 delegates from different schools of Lucknow and beyond participated in the 6 committees simulated. They committees were-

1.            The General Assembly First Committee

2.            The Security Council

3.            The Security Council Constant Crisis

4.            The Economic and Financial Committee

5.            The Human Rights Council

6.            Hindustan 1947


Raghav Kohli served as the Secretary General of the conference.


Of the 24 students who participated from our school, the following won awards-

In The General Assembly First Committee,

Izhan Abbas won ‘Best Delegate’

Hanumant Thakur won ‘High Commendation’


In The Security Council ,

Mohammed Zaid and  Devansh Jolly won ‘High Commendation’


In The Economic and Financial Committee,

Dhruv Sinha won ‘Special mention’


In The Human Rights Council,

Alishan Jaffri won the ‘High Commendation’

Varenya Vir Singh won the ‘Special Mention’

Areeb Ahmed served as the VICE CHAIR of the Council


La Martiniere College was adjudged the overall best delegation.


The following boys also participated

1.            Rohan Garg

2.            Pulkit Bajpai

3.            Anant Rastogi

4.            Parth Shukla

5.            Maaz Ahmed

6.            Aditya Jalan

7.            Raunak Makhija

8.            Tarun Asthana

9.            Revant Batra

10.          Bratish Poddar

11.          Akshat Rastogi

12.          Abhinav Mathur

13.          Vedansh Tandon

14.          Saksham Bansal

15.          Mudassir Hussain

16.          Ishu Dikshit


A number of boys also helped in organizing and managing the conference.   The logistics team headed by Harsh Srivastava and Yash Joshi  comprised of-


1.            Harsh Viryani

2.            Utkarsh Roy Chaudhry

3.            Anant Khanna

4.            Akshat Trivedi

5.            Karan Dev

6.            Ali Mehdi Rizvi

7.            Mayank Srivastava

8.            Raghav Chawla

9.            Pranshu Parth

10.          Harshit Sinha

11.          Abhikam Dixit

12.          Hammad Farooqi

13.          Siddhant Raj Tripathi

14.          Asif Siddiqi

15.          Kushagra Jain

16.          Dipansh Mishra

17.          Johann Brad Abraham

18.          Srijoy Banerjee

19.          Gouransh Bhatia

20.          Sahil Mehra

21.          Harmeet Singh Chadha

22.          Aman Rastogi

23.          Akash Deepak

24.          Arjun Agarwal

25.          Arindam Keswani


The International Press, which wrote humorous articles on committee proceedings published a magazine comprised –

1.            Sudev Singh

2.            Devang Shandilya

3.            Ali Kazim

4.            Shashwat Srivastava

5.            Gokul Pisharody

6.            Bryan David Rafi


The La Martiniere College Media Team covered the event. They Included

1.            Shivam Chitravanshi

2.            Hemang Chaturvedi

3.            Kshitij Gupta

4.            Shivansh Mishra

5.            Rohan Tandon


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Football Match at Polo Ground



A Football match was played between Methodist High School, Kanpur and La Martiniere College at the Polo ground on the 26th July. The guest team played 2 matches with the Junior and Senior football teams of our College. Both the matches were won by the teams of La Martiniere College.

In the 1st match (with the Junior team), the College won by 5-0, the goals were scored by Danish Abbasi (2), Craig Johannes, Mustafa and Mohd. Arhsalan.

In the 2nd match (with the Senior team) our College won by 3-0, the goals were scored by Mohd. Kamran, Abbas Javed and Aditya Gupta.

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Activity Report, 24th July 2014




Today, at the College many different activities took place. A rock show was arranged by the NIE for class 9 and 10. The boys with huge enthusiasm listened to the melodious songs sung by the performer. He presented many Hindi Rocking Numbers like ‘Galliyan’, ‘Tum Hi Ho’, ‘Teri Dewaane’, ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ and many more. The most amazing presentation which was also a show stopper was given by Shivansh Shukla and Manvendra Raj with BEATBOXING.


A programme on vocabulary was held by the Satyam group for Class 12. Boys got an opportunity to learn and strengthen their vocabulary.


Officers from the Army Wing of the NCC came to the College to take the interview of boys of Class 11 who are to be enrolled in the NCC. The boys were inspired by their words.

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Seminar : University of British Columbia

Britih Council


Miss Tanushree Bhattacharya conducted a seminar about the Life at the University of British Columbia, of which she is the Country Advisor. She also informed students on the admission critera and other prospects at the University including Co-curricular activities, scholarships and interships etc.

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