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4th Invitational Sports

The 4th Invitational Sports Meet was held from the 10th to the 11th of November 2017. It was organized by the boys of La Martiniere College under the guidance of Mrs Sheeba Siddiqui , the coordinator for co-curricular activities. The meet was attended by eleven prestigious institutions from across the city. There were races, field events, a Basketball Championship, a Volleyball Championship and a Triathlon.

It was for  the first time that La Martiniere introduced Volleyball and Basketball Championships, thus changing the name from the former ‘Invitational Athletics Meet’ to the ‘Invitational Sports Meet’.The preliminary rounds were held on the first day  and the semi-finals and final matches on the second day of the meet.  Spring Dale College, Indira Nagar emerged as the winner in the Volleyball Championship and La Martiniere College won the Basketball Championship.

The races and  field eventswere held on the second day. There was a number of races which included  100 m , 200 m , 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m , 4X100m Relay and a 110m hurdle race. The field events consisted of Shot Put, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Javelin Throw and Discus throw. ‘Triathlon’, the highlight of the Sports Meet was a three stage event in which the athletes first had to swim, cycle and then sprint to reach the finish line.

At the culmination of this two day event, St Francis’ College emerged as the overall champions with La Martiniere College as the runners-up.

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The 4th session of La Martiniere Model United Nations (LMUN) was held from the 3rd to the 5th of November, 2017. This year more than 400 delegates took part in the event. The teams were from The Sri Ram School Delhi, Welham Boys’ and Welham Girls’ Dehradun, La Martiniere for Girls’ and La Martiniere for Boys’ Kolkata, Scindia School Gwalior to name a few  Secretariat for LMUN’17 was as follows: Vedansh Tandon as the Secretary General, Garv Johar as the Director General, Shikhar Tripathi as the Deputy Secretary General, Aaditya Malhotra as the Under Secretary General for Delegate Affairs, Abhinav Raj as the Under Secretary General for Administration and Naman Mishra as the Under Secretary General for Communication and Public Information.

One of the key elements of LMUN 2017 was the internal International Press (I.P.) which was headed by Arindam Keswani as the Head of I.P. , Devansh Tandan as the Editor-in-Chief and Piyush Dubey as the Graphic Designer.

One of the most distinctive features of LMUN was the three Keynote Addresses, where the speakers spoke about current world issues. This year the Keynote speakers were Mrs Samantha Bonbayl, the second counsellor of the Embassy of France, Mr Ali Khan Mehmudabad, the assistant professor at Ashoka University and Brigadier Syed Ahmad Ali.

This year we had a wide array of committees namely the United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee (LEGAL), United Nations Commission on Population and Development (UNCPD), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), International Maritime Organization (IMO), United States House Select Committee on Gun Violence (USHSC) and AD-HOC Committee of the Secretary General.

The Executive Board members for LMUN 2017 were seasoned MUNers from different parts of the country, each specializing in their respective committees, and provided the delegates an enriching experience and an academically centered conference.

The delegates looked forward to the fellowship, where the College band comprising of Saransh Alexander Kumar, Jonathan Sahai, Richard Massey, Dylan Coreya and Christopher Singh showcased their talents. The night ended with DJing which was highly enjoyed by the delegates.

The third day was marked by the much awaited prize distribution ceremony. Various awards were won by delegates of different schools. La Martiniere for Boys Kolkata won the ‘Best Delegation’ award for the fourth consecutive time. Vedansh Tandon gave a vote of thanks and praised his team for making LMUN a great success and finally declared the Conference closed.

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A day long cultural and literary event, ‘Ingenium’ was organized by a group of boys who styled themselves as AURA.

It consisted of six unique competitions and seven schools from the city participated in it. The events were as follows : ‘Clue Rush’, ‘Madvert’, ‘Clausenact’, ‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘Can you Spell it?’ and ‘Ecojam’. The schools which participated were La Martiniere College, Lucknow, La Martiniere Girls’ College, Modern Academy, St Teresa’s College, City Montessori School and Christ Church College.

‘Clue Rush’ was a treasure hunt in which the teams had to solve the location based riddles. The first prize was bagged by Modern Academy and the second prize was won by La Martiniere Girls’ College.

‘Madvert’ was an advertisement competition in which the teams had to enact an advertisement on a product given at the time of registration. The length of the advertisement was set as two minutes.

‘Clausenact’ was a drama based competition which tested the skills of improvisation and coordination. The participants had to enact a situation which was given to them fifteen minutes before. Three participants had to be on-stage at any given time and one had to be standing, one sitting and one lying down. The team consisted of four participants and the participants were allowed to switch so they could portray different characters. The first place was bagged by La Martiniere College and the second place was won by La Martiniere Girls’ College.

‘Pitch perfect’ was an A Capella competition. The team consisted of five participants and they had to perform for three minutes. The first place was bagged by La Martiniere College and the second place was won by Christ Church College while La Martiniere Girls’ College stood third in the event.

‘Can you spell it?’ was a spelling competition for classes 6 to 8 in which the participant had to give the correct spelling of a given word.

‘Ecojam’ was a ‘just-a-minute’ competition in which the participant had to speak on economic terms given by the host.

La Martiniere Girls’ College bagged the first prize in this event.



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Constantia -2017

‘Constantia’, an inter school cultural, literary and technical event was organized from the 15th to the 17th of October, 2017. It was organized for the sixth consecutive year under the guidance of Mrs S. Siddiqi, the C.C.A Coordinator. This year 22 schools from across the city participated in the various events. The event was inaugurated by the Principal which was followed by the lighting of the lamp.  Constantia 2017 was organized by the La Martiniere Extracurricular Organization (L.E.O), which includes pupils from different sections of the school. With 22 events in the course of 2 days, the events covered all the three spheres namely cultural, literary and technical .

One of the most awaited events of Constantia, the quiz entitled ‘Revelations’ was won by La Martiniere College. The Quiz Master for this quiz was Vighnesh Melhotra, who not only put up a great show but was hilarious and enthralling at the same time.

‘The Battle of Bands’, which happens to be one of the most popular events was won by La Martiniere College, represented by Arnav Gurnani, the vocalist, Rishabh Agarwal, who played the keyboard, Samarth Sharma and Jazib Shere on the guitar, Aakash Agarwal on the bass guitar and Saksham Bansal who managed to impress everyone with his drumming skills.

‘Pirouette’, the dance event was the highlight of the competition, which was one by won by St. Fidelis while La Martiniere College, represented by Adamya Ojha, Animesh Baweja, Pourush Dixit, Raghav Prakash and Yashvardhan Sharma, were declared the runners-up.

‘Pandora’s Box’ an acting event was won by La Martiniere College. The team comprising of Aaditya Malhotra, Garv Johar, Vedansh Tandon, Varenya Vir Singh, Abhinav Raj and Shikhar Tripathi placed first.

‘Nibbles’ a cooking competition was won by La Martiniere College, the team comprised of Ananya Agarwal and Samarth Bharadwaj.

It was for the first time that an inter school Urdu event named ‘Nazmo Ghazal’ was hosted by La Martiniere College.

La Martiniere Girls’ College was declared the runners-up for Constantia 2017 while La Martiniere College was declared the winners of ‘Constantia 2017’. At the culmination of the programme, the Principal gave a vote of thanks and congratulated the La Martiniere Extra Curricular Organization (L.E.O) for the success of Constantia 2017.


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Gandhi Jayanti at La Martiniere College

On the 2nd of October, 2017, a special assembly was held in Spence Hall to mark the 148th birth anniversary of the Father of our Nation. The assembly was conducted by Mr Jitendra Misra, who briefed the audience about the life and example of Gandhiji. The portrait of Gandhiji was garlanded by Sarthak Kumar, the College Captain, Raghav Awasthi and Stephen Peter. A brief insight into the life of Gandhiji was presented by Raghav Awasthi . Dr Amit Awasthi recited a special prayer to mark the occasion.

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Variety Entertainment Programme

The Variety Entertainment Programme of La Martiniere College -Junior School Campus was held on the 23rd of September, 2017. The items were in English, Hindi, Urdu and in French. The host for the event was Adit Joshi, the School Captain. The highlight of the day was a short play in English called ‘The Beauty and the Beast’.  Another short play titled, ‘ Murge Ki Ek Tang’  in Urdu was also greatly appreciated by the audience. The play ‘Lajvanti Ka Anokha  Geet’ was put up in Hindi. The choir presented songs which included ‘If I were a butterfly’, ‘We are the world’ and ‘Bonjour Bonjour’. Jishnu Gupta, a pupil of the Junior School was greatly appreciated for his piano recital of the ‘Allegretto’ by Thomas Attwood and ‘Waltz in G’ by Bedvich Smetana. The pupils of the Junior school also put up a number of well-choreographed dances like ‘What makes you beautiful’, Bhangra Fusion, ‘Despacito’, ‘Kala Chasma’, ‘ Bum Bum Bole’, ‘Panghat’ and ‘Uptown Funk’. The event culminated with a vote of thanks given by the Principal followed by the College Song.

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