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School Updates

Constantia -2017

‘Constantia’, an inter school cultural, literary and technical event was organized from the 15th to the 17th of October, 2017. It was organized for the sixth consecutive year under the guidance of Mrs S. Siddiqi, the C.C.A Coordinator. This year 22 schools from across the city participated in the various events. The event was inaugurated by the Principal which was followed by the lighting of the lamp.  Constantia 2017 was organized by the La Martiniere Extracurricular Organization (L.E.O), which includes pupils from different sections of the school. With 22 events in the course of 2 days, the events covered all the three spheres namely cultural, literary and technical .

One of the most awaited events of Constantia, the quiz entitled ‘Revelations’ was won by La Martiniere College. The Quiz Master for this quiz was Vighnesh Melhotra, who not only put up a great show but was hilarious and enthralling at the same time.

‘The Battle of Bands’, which happens to be one of the most popular events was won by La Martiniere College, represented by Arnav Gurnani, the vocalist, Rishabh Agarwal, who played the keyboard, Samarth Sharma and Jazib Shere on the guitar, Aakash Agarwal on the bass guitar and Saksham Bansal who managed to impress everyone with his drumming skills.

‘Pirouette’, the dance event was the highlight of the competition, which was one by won by St. Fidelis while La Martiniere College, represented by Adamya Ojha, Animesh Baweja, Pourush Dixit, Raghav Prakash and Yashvardhan Sharma, were declared the runners-up.

‘Pandora’s Box’ an acting event was won by La Martiniere College. The team comprising of Aaditya Malhotra, Garv Johar, Vedansh Tandon, Varenya Vir Singh, Abhinav Raj and Shikhar Tripathi placed first.

‘Nibbles’ a cooking competition was won by La Martiniere College, the team comprised of Ananya Agarwal and Samarth Bharadwaj.

It was for the first time that an inter school Urdu event named ‘Nazmo Ghazal’ was hosted by La Martiniere College.

La Martiniere Girls’ College was declared the runners-up for Constantia 2017 while La Martiniere College was declared the winners of ‘Constantia 2017’. At the culmination of the programme, the Principal gave a vote of thanks and congratulated the La Martiniere Extra Curricular Organization (L.E.O) for the success of Constantia 2017.


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Gandhi Jayanti at La Martiniere College

On the 2nd of October, 2017, a special assembly was held in Spence Hall to mark the 148th birth anniversary of the Father of our Nation. The assembly was conducted by Mr Jitendra Misra, who briefed the audience about the life and example of Gandhiji. The portrait of Gandhiji was garlanded by Sarthak Kumar, the College Captain, Raghav Awasthi and Stephen Peter. A brief insight into the life of Gandhiji was presented by Raghav Awasthi . Dr Amit Awasthi recited a special prayer to mark the occasion.

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Variety Entertainment Programme

The Variety Entertainment Programme of La Martiniere College -Junior School Campus was held on the 23rd of September, 2017. The items were in English, Hindi, Urdu and in French. The host for the event was Adit Joshi, the School Captain. The highlight of the day was a short play in English called ‘The Beauty and the Beast’.  Another short play titled, ‘ Murge Ki Ek Tang’  in Urdu was also greatly appreciated by the audience. The play ‘Lajvanti Ka Anokha  Geet’ was put up in Hindi. The choir presented songs which included ‘If I were a butterfly’, ‘We are the world’ and ‘Bonjour Bonjour’. Jishnu Gupta, a pupil of the Junior School was greatly appreciated for his piano recital of the ‘Allegretto’ by Thomas Attwood and ‘Waltz in G’ by Bedvich Smetana. The pupils of the Junior school also put up a number of well-choreographed dances like ‘What makes you beautiful’, Bhangra Fusion, ‘Despacito’, ‘Kala Chasma’, ‘ Bum Bum Bole’, ‘Panghat’ and ‘Uptown Funk’. The event culminated with a vote of thanks given by the Principal followed by the College Song.

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172nd Founders’s Day Celebration

The proceedings for the day began with the laying  of wreaths at the tomb of our Founder Major General Claude Martin. Wreaths were laid  by the dignitaries present. Prayers  were said by Rev. Fr Dominic Pinto of the St.Paul’s Seminary, Lucknow.This was followed by a Chapel service.The service included Hymns and prayers.The Choir of La Martiniere Girls’ College presented the Hymn, A Living Prayer. The choir of La Martiniere College presented a Hymn, Lord, For Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake.The Founder’s Day address was delivered by Rev. Fr Dominic Pinto.  The buglers sounded the Last Post followed  by The Rouse. This was followed by a get together in Sykes Hall.

Later in the morning the Final of the House Swimming Championship was held. Apart from the house races and relay, old Martinians keenly participated in the various races and relays. In a game of water polo the past team defeated the present team. Adnan Ahmed was declared the Senior Swimming Champion for the year 2017-18 while Anway Misra and Daksh Pandey were declared the Junior and Colts Champions respectively.

In the evening the Founder’s Day Variety Entertainment programme in English was held. A musical called  ‘Cats’was presented by the students of the Constantia campus. The MGM award for histrionics in English for the year 2017-18 was given to Jonathan Sahai.

In accordance with the will of our Founder a feast was given to the students and a silent toast was raised by the Principal  in memory of our Founder Major General  Claude Martin.



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Kurt Mitson Cup

The Past vs. Present Football Match now also called the Kurt Mitson Cup  was held on 12th of  September, 2017. This match was played on the Polo Ground field of La Martiniere College. The match was keenly contested and it ended in a draw with both teams scoring three goals each. Siddarth Dev scored two goals and Priyank Simon scored one goal for the past team. Craig Johannes, Ankit Kumar and Diganta Debnath scored a goal each for the present team.


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Teachers’ Day


Teachers’  Day was celebrated on the 5th of September, 2017. The 5th of September marks the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India, a staunch believer of education and a wonderful teacher. His portrait was garlanded by Dhaval Gupta, I.C.S.E. topper 2017 and Sarthak Kumar, the  College Captain.Special assemblies were held in both the Junior School campus and the Constantia campus to mark the occasion. The pupils of the College put together an entertainment programme for the teachers. The programme included dances, music and songs. The programme ended with a presentation made by the Media Team of the College.

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SPIC MACAY organised a splendid music performance on the 24th of August, 2017 in  Spence Hall at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. The vocalists for the evening were Pandit Ritesh Mishra and Mr Rajnish Mishra. Mr Sumit Mishra was on the Harmonium while  Mr Durjay Bhaumik performed on the Tabla..

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‘Pegasus’, an inter school innovation, science and technology related competition was held from the 18th to the 19th of August. Being a national event, a total of seventeen teams participated with 300 participants. Each school participated in a variety of events which were putting to the test the creativity, intellect, computer and scientific skills of the students. The Student Coordinator for Pegasus 2017 was Naman Mishra and the deputy coordinator was Abhiveer Bhalla. The sponsors to the event were Lucknow Central and Fastrack.   There were a total of eight events namely Exotech, Comp- Wiz, Aqua Hunt, Theora Vista, Speed trail, Robo Wars, Bola Tirar and sights and sight. The highlight of the competition was the Robo wars where the teams had to make mechanical and functional robots. The main goal was to push the opponents’ robot out of the ground. Another very educative and innovative event was Theora Vista where the participants had to formulate a theory for which the topic was- What would happen to the earth if another parallel Universe was discovered. Drones and remote controlled cars and boats made by the participants were highly appreciated. The participants showed enthusiasm and had a scientific and methodical approach. The winners of the Competition were La Martiniere College and the runners up were Jagran Public School. The Principal proposed a vote of thanks


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