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4th Claude Martin Debates and Boulone Lise Quiz

The 4th session of the Claude Martin Debates and Boulone Lise Quiz were held from the 27th to the 29th of July, 2017.

This time, the College hosted 12 schools with 5 local schools and 7 outstation  schools,  which included La Martiniere Girls College Kolkata, St. George’s College Mussoorie,  The Lawrence School Sanawar. Shri Ram School -Moulsari, Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) Dehradun, Vasant Valley School Delhi, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla  La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, Seth M.R Jaipuria School, Lucknow, St. Francis College, Lucknow, Loreto Convent, Lucknow and La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

The event began with the draw of lots being conducted on the 26th of July, followed by the division of teams into 4 pools comprising of 4 teams each. Qualifying for the semifinals were schools namely La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, Seth MR Jaipuria, Lucknow, The Lawrence School, Sanawar and our home team La Martiniere College, Lucknow.

The La Martiniere College team comprised of Varenya Vir Singh, the Principal speaker Naman Mishra, the second Speaker, Shikhar Tripathi the third speaker and Naman Srivastava the fourth speaker. The finals were contested between Seth MR Jaipuria School and La Martiniere College. The Chairperson of the debate was Mr Akash Banerjee, alumnus La Martiniere College and former Debating Captain who guided the speakers through the course of the debate. The debate was judged by Mrs. Yvonne Cabral, Principal Methodist School Kanpur, Mrs. Kanak Rekha Chauhan and Mr. Randolph Burn. La Martiniere College were declared the winners.  Shikhar Tripathi was adjudged the best speaker of the final debate. Varenya Vir Singh having four consecutive best speaker awards was adjudged as the ‘Best Speaker of the Tournament’.

The Boulone Lise Quiz took place on the 29th of July. Six teams qualified the preliminary round. La Martiniere College was represented by Dhaval Gupta and Pranjal Srivastava. Our Principal, Mr. C McFarland conducted the quiz. Samar Naqvi and Raajveer Singh Bisht helped in the proceedings of the quiz.  The Shri Ram School, Moulsari emerged winners while La Martiniere Girls’ Kolkata and St. Francis College, Lucknow were adjudged the first and second runners up respectively.

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Editorial Board

The members of the Editorial Board of the Publication Club ( English and Hindi ) were formally introduced to the college. The members of the publication club work for the college magazine- Constantia, the college monthly newsletter – The Martiniere Post  and the Year Book. The following are the members of the Editorial Board 2017:

The English Editorial Board (Mariniere Post)
1. Devansh Tandon Editor
2. Abhinav Raj & Gaurav Singh Bakshi Co-Editor
3. Neil Nautiyal & Aviral Saxena Secretaries
4. Piyush Dubey Graphics Designer
5. Ankit Sahai Media Co-ordinator

Core Members


2. Samar Naqvi

3. Aryaman Kholi
4. Adamya Ojha
5. Ashutosh Sen

The English Editorial Board( Constantia)
1 .Dev Rastogi Editor
2. Naman Srivastava & Aman Rastogi Co-Editor

Core Members
1. Sankalp Chaudhary
2. Arindam Keswami
3. Siddhart Agarwal
4. Abhishek Michael Chand
5. Shubhankar Mittal
6. Raghav Kasera

The Hindi Editorial Board

1.Utkarsh Tripathi

2.Yashvardahn Rai

3.Tanajay Singh

4.Prateek Manjul

5.Dhaval Gupta


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The students of La Martiniere College were tested in the various musical skills they had opted for at the ABRSM programme being conducted at La Martiniere College. Mr Cummings , a well know musician from Australia stayed at the college and judged the students taking part at various levels in the ABRSM programme. The efforts of the students were reconized at assembly on 19th July, 2017, by awarding them certificates for their skills at the various levels of the programme . Mrs Samya Khan, incharge of the ABRSM programme accompanied Mr Cummings on stage. The following students were awarded certificate according to the level of skill they have achieved :

Sarthak Singh
Anujay Srivastava
Lakshya Joshi
Aditya Agarwal
Chadwik De Rozario
Alan A Odath
Samarth Srivatav
Mohd. Zaheen Khan
Shiv Chawla
Tanmay Jaiswal
Yash Pratap Singh
Rudrapratap Singh
Edwin Pratap Singh
Aron Phillips
Krishna Agarwal
Sarvagya Subodh
Divyansh Parihar

Aditya Joshi
Pragun Agarwal
Sreyans Singal
Avirat Bajaj
Abeer Bhasin
Rishabh Verma
Tejas Roy
Ablash Baghel
Rafey Habibullah
Anugrah Anand
Ayan Singh
Ridaypratap Singh
Ritank Singh
Ayan Sharma
Ark Kapoor
Jason Hopkins
Rohan Srivastava
Kennith J Ashish
Harsh Roberts
Addison Francis
Aditya Sharma
Laarib Anwar
Arth Mohan
Shaun Morrison
Samarth Singh
Darren Hopkins
Deepanshu Haswani
Ishu Utkarsh
Varun Khanna
Risheet Singh
Mayur Mayank

Achutam Agarwal
Jishnu Gupta
Leander Joseph
Advait Porwal
Parth Pandey
Jonathan Lal
Kushal Chopra
Shaun Anthony Dessa
Swayam Sinha
Arnav Agarwal
Karun Kukreti
Donovan Figg

Leander Mathew Gomes

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Frank Anthony Memorial Debates 2017

The Preliminary rounds of The Frank Anthony Memorial debates 2017 were held at various venues throughout India. La Martiniere College participated in both senior and junior divisions. The junior division  team comprised of Raajveer Singh Bisht and Shiv Sawhney. The team were declared the first runners-up. Raajveer Singh Bisht was adjudged the best speaker of the debate.In the senior division, the team comprised of Varenya Vir Singh and Shikhar Tripathi. The team was declared the first runners-up and Varenya Vir Singh was adjudged the best speaker of the debate. Both the teams qualified for the second round which would be held later in the year.

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Special Assembly to Mark Bastille Day

The students of French in the middle school conducted a special assembly in French to commemorate the 14th of July as Bastille Day. The students addressed the entire school and enlightened the pupils about Bastille Day. The boys recited the Lord’s Prayer in French which was translated into English as well. The boys who had birthdays felt privileged to be wished in French. The programme concluded with the singing of the French National Anthem as well as the Indian National Anthem.

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Inter Class Spell-Bee Competition

The Inter House Spelling Bee Competition was held on the 13th July 2017 in the Urdu room of the College. The Winners are as follows:


Zain Usmani6-A1st Prize
Mohd Ayaan Shamsi6-B 2nd Prize
Syed Ali Haider Abidi6DConsolation Prize


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Excellence in the field of Cricket.

La Martiniere College Cricket team participated in the 17th  Annual Major R.K Goldstein Memorial Cricket Tournament held from  9th May to 13th May, 2017 at The Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. Apratim Tiwari of class 8 was declared  the ‘Best Bowler’ of the Tournament. He claimed 12 wickets in 3 matches. He was also awarded the trophy for being ‘The Man  of the Match’ in the first match of the tournament against Vivek High School from Chandigarh.

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N.C.C Air Wing Camp

The N.C.C Air Wing cadets attended a 10 day Combined Annual Training Camp from  11th  May,17 to   20th  May, 2017 at the  Military Station in Barabanki. The following cadets won prizes: Hardik Sharma stood second in the Essay Writing competition while Anansh Ranjan and Hamza Alvi stood first and second respectively in the Poster Making competition. The following students attended the camp :
1. Syed Ibrahim Hussain
2. Aman Pandey
3. Aransh Ranjan
4. Himanshu Thakur
5. Syed Farhan Ashraf
6. Vaibhav Shukla
7. Daniyal Hasan Khan
8. Hardik Sharma
9. Kumail Abbas
10. Satvik Gupta
11. Aditya Notani
12. Varun Yadav
13. Rishi Madhuraj
14. Shrish Tripathi
15. Syed Farzaan Abbasi
16. Animesh Pratap Singh
17. Akshat Kanaiya
18. Hamza Alvi
19. Charit Pandey
20. Jethro Andre Jolliffe
21. Achintya Goel
22. Ferdy Joseph
23. Om Jaiswal
24. Shashwat Gupta
25. Hasan Naushad Khan


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