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Co-Curricular Activities

One of the significant objectives of La Martiniere College, Lucknow is to provide for balanced, overall development of the pupil. In accordance with this philosophy, activity at La Martiniere extends beyond the classroom through our comprehensive Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities programme, as a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

The programme is designed for pupils to develop physically, emotionally, culturally and socially by providing them with opportunities to broaden their horizons, gain knowledge and skills, and generate an interest in a variety of areas they may not have previously experienced. It also provides a refreshing counterbalance to the demands of the students’ academic studies and encourages students to share their energy and special talents with others.

The scope of the Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities programme is wide but can be categorized into five major groups: Literary Activities, Performing Arts, Sports & Health, Clubs and Societies, and the Uniformed Groups.

Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities programme is held on Thursday morning after Assembly and the activities depend on the nature of the CCA.

There is a wide choice of CCA at La Martiniere, for which students can enrol based on their interest and ability. In the Junior School, this is conducted for all pupils. In Classes 5 to 12, students are required to record three preferences for interest groups they wish to join. It is endeavoured to provide each pupil with the choices indicated by him, but this is sometimes limited by eligibility, the number of seats available and physical facilities.

The Co-Curricular Clubs and Activities programme caters to specific interests. Attendance is compulsory. Excellence in the programmes is considered in the criteria for promotion to the next higher class a t the end of the academic year. Annual Report Cards and School leaving certificates record the participation and contribution of each pupil to the chosen area of interest.

With the exception of Uniformed Groups, the Clubs and Societies elect from among themselves a President and Secretary, among other positions. Competitions may also be organized to create a competitive environment and provide such Co-Curricular Clubs with an objective to work towards.