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Resident Scholars

The character and ethos of La Martiniere College, Lucknow is often attributed to the role and contribution of the resident-scholars to the corporate life of the College. Boarding facilities are available for pupils from Class 3 and above. Resident-scholars are accommodated in three dormitories according to their age. All pupils are allotted Houses, under the direct supervision of a Housemaster, who is a senior member of the academic staff. An average of 30 boys share a common Houseroom, in which they store their daily requisites and personal objects. The boys maintain houserooms and competition for maintenance is encouraged.

Discipline is crucial for the resident-scholars. Housemasters, the daily Masters on Duty, the College Wardens and the Prefect System are integrated into maintaining discipline. Self-monitoring is encouraged and corporal punishment is strictly prohibited.

Daily needs are taken care of by Dormitory Superintendents. They supervise the maintenance of personal hygiene, laundry, uniform, and sleeping arrangements. Provision for darning, repair of footwear, haircutting, etc. are available on the campus.

Daily routine is well regulated. Visits to the city are limited to month-end Exeat. Separate rules for Exeats regulate this. Any breaking of rules for Exeats will lead to all outings being cancelled for a month for the offender. Resident-scholars are taken on excursions to places of interest in the city from time to time.

In case of illness, the College Hospital functions round the clock with qualified and efficient personnel. Emergencies are dealt with rapid hospitalisation and a consultant physician is on call.

Providing nutritious, wholesome and tasty food is the special responsibility of the Steward who supervises a team of efficient kitchen staff. The housekeeper ensures the proper serving of meals and dining hall etiquette. A Food Committee, which includes representatives from among the boys, meets to draw up weekly menus. All refrigerated drinking water for the boys is directly sourced from tube-wells.

Modern and hygienic toilet facilities are well-maintained. Different age groups have separate bathing and lavatory facilities.

Laundry is collected and returned twice a week. An industrial laundry works round the clock to take care of these needs. Additional ironing facilities are provided in each Houseroom.

Resident-scholars do not have too much time for unsupervised activity. All facilities of the College are available to them, under supervision. Individual games and fitness equipment, bicycles, etc are permitted. The use of mobile telephones is not allowed. A Public Call Office (PCO) functions during leisure time for the boys, while additional telephones are set up in each living facility. Parents are advised not to disturb children by repeated calls. With the establishment of common-rooms for recreational facilities, an atmosphere of relaxation is possible.

Spiritual development is encouraged by regular, voluntary attendance at Chapel Services conducted before Assembly, every morning. Topical presentations on universal values are shared with the boys during this time. Christian boys attend Church services on Sundays and are permitted to attend catechism classes regularly. Boys who ascribe to faiths other than Christianity have the liberty to observe the practices of their faith. The College facilitates reasonable conduct for this. A dedicated chapel, mosque and a temple are situated on the campus. These places of worship are maintained by the College and are for the use of the entire College community.

The parents/guardians of those pupils seeking admission to the Boarding House are required to provide a written undertaking at the time of Admission that they will not seek for a change from resident-scholar status to day-scholar status, once admitted.


Exeats for Boarders are as follows:
1.Month-end Exeats: ( Issued by the House- Master }
a) These shall be issued on the last Saturday of the month from after lunch on Saturday to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday as mentioned in the College calendar.
b) Boys shall be permitted to accompany their parents or local guardians only.

2.Holiday Exeats: ( Issued by the House- Master)
a) Holiday Exeats are granted ONLY for those holidays, which are printed in the College Calendar with the indication whether local exeats shall be permitted or not. Parents are advised to check this carefully before making travel plans.
b) Overnight Exeats shall extend to 5:00 p.m. of the day preceding the next school working day.
c) Local Exeats shall extend to 5:00 p.m. only.
d) All boys must be accompanied by parents or local guardians for outings.

3.Extraordinary Exeats: (Issued by the Principal)
In case of an emergency – e.g. serious illness of a parent, death in the family – Exeat may be issued to a boy for a short period or overnight at the sole discretion of the Principal or a teacher officiating for the Principal. No one else is authorized to issue emergency Exeats.

a)  Boys who break any of these procedures listed above will not be issued an Exeat for the next outing.
b) Boys must carry their Identity Cards and Exeat slips, all the time, once issued.
c) All Exeat slips must be signed by the given authority BEFORE leaving the campus AND upon RETURN to the campus.
d) Visiting Hours for Parents: Sunday 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 noon and 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
e) Outstation parents may seek the permission of the House-Master to meet their son. No parent may meet a boy during the week without the permission of the House-Master.