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School Leaving Certificates/ Transfer Certificates will be issued only after all dues to the College have been paid.

1. A Withdrawal Form is to be obtained and only after the withdrawal of the pupil is sanctioned by the Principal shall other related formalities be processed.

2. In the case of students who have been studying in the College for more than one academic year: If a student is withdrawn from the College, before the commencement of the Summer Vacations, fees will be charged for the first quarter of the financial year, i.e. 1 April to 30 June. If a student is withdrawn during the Summer Vacations or after the commencement of the Founder’s Term, fees for the entire year shall have to be paid.

3. Change of status is permitted from Day Scholar to Resident Scholar ONLY. Difference in Fees for the entire academic session (concluding in March) shall be paid.

4.  Under exceptional circumstances, change of certain elements of personal details, including spelling of names may be possible with the express permission of the Principal. A processing fee of Rs 1000/- shall be charged for the change of EACH ENTRY.


NOTE: There shall be no change in the Date of Birth entered in the College records at the time of Admission.