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La Martiniere Careers Fair

On the 21st of April, La Martiniere college hosted its first “Careers Fair”, an event solely dedicated to help students of class 8 and above, delineate  their delusions and discover which profession they might wish to pursue later in their lives. This was done with the help of around fourty experts from twenty-five different walks of life. Students of class 12 volunteered efficiently along with their teacher in charges to ensure the event was smoothly carried out.

The Fair commenced at 10 a.m. All the career officials were at their respective venues and soon, students started coming in along with their parents. Boys of the college could be seen interacting with the experts about various fields some of which included- Law, Engineering, Journalism, Defence Sector, Aviation, Music, Travel and Tourism etc. The centres of attraction included Entrepreneurship, where boys interacted with Mr.Azam Siddiqui and got inspired by his passionate outlook of business, event management and Engineering, where the officials from Amity University clarified a lot of queries related to the same and enlightened their ideas before a crowded room full of anxious and enthusiastic people, all through a presentation. Meanwhile, lunch for the attendants was arranged by CLAT Possible. At about 2 p.m. the event was officially declared closed.  As per the review given by the boys of the college, this was an immensely helpful and commendable initiative. It significantly contributed in favour of the boys.


Posted on: 21 Apr, 2018