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Scholastic Book Exhibition

Book FAir

A book exhibition was organised by Scholastic from the 5th to the 7th of February, 2018 in the Middle School Library.

Eight volunteers from class 7 and 8 assisted Scholastic and the Library In charge, Mr N. Hopley in organising and supervising the fair. They were rewarded for their efforts by Scholastic and were given a book each.

On the last two days, two lucky winners were selected from amongst the list of buyers and presented a gift.

Class 6 D, which had the highest number of students buying books, was declared the winner of the ‘Classroom Reading Challenge’.

Resident Scholars who wanted to buy books were helped by their respective class teachers in procuring the book and their subsequent billing.

The exhibition was organised under the supervision of Mrs R. Dhingra.

Posted on: 6 Feb, 2018