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Special Directions Concerning Resident Scholars

1.Parents and guardians are permitted to visit their sons/wards only on Sundays and holidays from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon and from 5.00 to 6.00 p.m. They must not enter the Class Rooms, Dormitories, House Rooms or the Dining Hall.
2. Leave will be given to Resident Scholars only on the days permitted, with parents or authorized guardians as per Exeat Rules.
3. The Boarding House will remain closed during the Summer and Winter vacations. Resident-scholars must be collected by their parents/guardians after classes on the last day of the term.
4. If the boy returns late after the vacations or from leave, he will forfeit all Exeats for the month.
5. Pocket money shall be realized from parents and disbursed as per the rules from time to time.
6. Parents are to ensure that all Resident Scholars have their hair cut before they return to school.
7. Parents are instructed not to provide children with cash in their personal possession. Pocket money provided is considered sufficient for the personal needs of the scholar in residence. The College shall not be responsible for any theft of unauthorised cash from any boy.
8. The possession of mobile telephones is strictly prohibited. Parents are expected to cooperate with this instruction. A mobile telephone device, once confiscated shall not be returned.
9. Parents are advised that costly articles are not included in the personal belongings of the boys. The College shall not be held responsible for the theft of unauthorised articles.
10. During the Summer and Winter vacations, all lockers in the House Rooms are to be emptied and left open for maintenance and repair. Parents must COMPULSORILY remove luggage trunks from the College premises during the Summer and Winter vacations.
11. Parents shall receive reports on the academic progress of their son from the Dean of Studies through email from time to time. Correct email addresses are to be submitted in the office of the Dean of Studies.