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Sports Facilities

La Martiniere College, as a part of its holistic education policy provided competitive level sports facilities for its pupils, which are upgraded from time to time to keep abreast with the latest rules and regulations for competitive sport.
Qualified instructors and coaches supervise all games and sports that are offered by the College, the following is a list of games and sports facilities offered to pupils: The College, through the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is affiliated to the School Games Federation. Sport is played at all levels. The College hosts a number of tournaments in different games throughout the year.

  1. Archery: The College has an exclusive archery arena spread over two acres where pupils are trained for competitive sport. 20 targets are available. Traditional Indian Archery bows and international re-curve bows are used. A full-time Archery Coach is a member of Staff.
  2. Badminton: The College has fourteen Badminton courts spread over two campuses.
  3. Baseball: Baseball and Softball are played on a specially designated pitch. Safety gear and standard equipment is used by the boys. A trained Coach teaches skills of the game.
  4. Basketball: There are three Basketball courts for competitive sport. The College organizes a city-level tournament. House-matches, Class leagues and Staff vs Pupils matches are played.
  5. Battle Obstacle Course: The Battle Obstacle Course, specially designed by representatives of the Indian Army covers a wide expanse. The 10 different Obstacles include running, climbing, jumping, crawling, rope-climbing and balancing elements with the aim of testing speed, endurance and agility.
  6. Boxing: The College has an outdoor Boxing ring along with ancillary facilities for training. Complete safety gear is available and compulsory. millings
  7. Carrom: This Board game is played in leisure time and when weather demands that boys remain indoors. International standard Boards, belonging to the College, are offered for use, under supervision.
  8. Chess: Chess as a competitive sport is played in both campuses. Not only are tournaments organized, but 12 permanent granite top tables of standard chess board size have been erected in the shade of the trees to encourage wider participation.
  9. Cricket: There is an international size cricket field with a well-maintained pitch fulfilling international specification. The outer areas and viewing areas for spectators is scenically developed. Two junior pitches serve for practice matches. There are fifteen net practice areas with different surfaces.
  10. Cycle-Polo: A newly introduced sport, Cycle-Polo shall be played on a specially designated ground, with the required equipment and safety-kit. A trained Coach shall direct the training.
  11. Equestrian Sports: Sixteen Thoroughbred horses and five Marwari breed horses are stabled in two facilities in the College. Round the clock maintenance of the animals is conducted with syces and support staff. A trained veterinarian, a riding coach and a show-jumping trainer are full-time members of Staff. The College has a protected paddock for teaching basic riding skills. A developed show-jumping arena is contiguous with the archery range.
  12. Football: There are ten football fields on the estate which are used exclusively for this sport. Five tournaments are hosted by the College at different times of the year, ensuring that football is a perennial sport.
  13. Futsal: This variant of football is played on a specially built hard court. This five-a-side competitive sport is particularly popular with Middle School pupils.
  14. Golf: The Lucknow Golf Club operates on the College estate. A fully developed 9 hole golf course spread over 50 acres, is one of the oldest in the city. By agreement, the Lucknow Golf Course trains the pupils of the College. The establishment of a driving Range is imminent.
  15. Gymnastics: The College has two suitably equipped gymnasiums for pupils of all ages. Equipment and safety devices to cater to all aspects of gymnastics training are available.
  16. Hockey: There are two dedicated hockey fields in the College. During the hockey season, football fields are remarked to sustain the game.
  17. Kabaddi: Kabaddi is played in the College on three courts, specially developed for the sport. A trained coach teaches the sport at Junior and Senior level.
  18. Rowing: The College has four rowing boats. Two double cox skiffs of international standard are used on the portion of the river Gomti that flows through the estate. Scullers are expected to have the skill of swimming and must wear life jackets.
  19. Rugby: The College has an exclusive Rugby pitch with the finest of equipment in North India. The traditional contact sport is played by the senior pupils. Tag rugby, the non-contact version of the game is played by pupils below the age of 12. A full-time Rugby Coach is a member of Staff.
  20. Shooting: The College has an indoor electronic air-pistol and air-rifle shooting range with eight targets. A full-time Shooting Coach is a member of Staff.
  21. Softball: Softball and Baseball is played on a specially designated pitch. Safety gear and standard equipment is used by the boys. A trained Coach teaches skills of the game.
  22. Skating: The College has a Skating Rink figure eight formation of 8000 square feet used for competitive level skating.
  23. Snooker: There is a pool and snooker hall set up with the required equipment where pupils of Class 11 & 12 learn and practise the game.
  24. Swimming: Two indoor four lane swimming pools are available with a pavilion to seat 700 pupils.
  25. Table-Tennis: Table Tennis is played on standard tables set up indoors in both campuses. As the game is so popular,12 concrete tables, according to standard specifications are built out doors in both campuses. The sport is offered to pupil of all classes.
  26. Taekwondo: The martial art of Korean origin is characterised by head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. The combative sport is specially taught in the Junior School and displayed at special sports events.
  27. Tennis: There are Fourteen Tennis Courts at the Tennis Facility. This includes synthetic, clay and grass surfaced facilities. A special sub-junior court is used exclusively for beginners. By agreement, professional coaches train the boys.
  28. Pool: There is a pool and snooker hall set up with the required equipment where pupils of Class 11 & 12 learn and practise the game.
  29. Volleyball: The team game is played at Junior and Senior level on the Volleyball Court of the College. A trained Coach teaches the skills of the game to the boys.
  30. Yoga: This group of physical, mental, and spiritualpractices or disciplines is taught through the physical practice of postures called asanas. The basic asanas are taught in the Junior School, where Yoga is a regular activity. Senior boys may practice this open air near the archery range.