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The Prefect System

The Prefect System is a leadership experience. The system identifies leaders, lets them practise leadership through responsibility for discipline in order to take these skills with them into adult life. Character building and development of maturity through carrying out duties in a responsible manner are other features that the system encourages.
There are idealistic as well as practical reasons for having Prefects and Monitors in a school. Boys, singled out on the basis of achievement in academics and co-curricular activities, stand out as role models for the rest of the school. They in turn, help to maintain discipline and order in the school environment. Such role models influence the peer group and create an aspiration towards excellence.
The Prefect system contributes to the preservation of the traditions of the school. The Prefects & Monitors contribute greatly to both the ceremonial and the disciplinary aspects of College life. They play an important role in the public image of the College, including the welcome and hospitality offered to visitors.
La Martiniere expects all Prefects and Monitors to uphold the integrity and traditions of the school with dignity, good humour, and sustained effort, in all ways, at all times, and in all places. The titles for these pupil authorities are more than just badges of office.
It is expected that a high number of Class XII and Class XI pupils will be given Prefect responsibility in the course of their final years at La Martiniere. This is to formally acknowledge the status of such students serving as role models for the school. Prefects will be entrusted with responsibilities commensurate with their strengths and abilities. The Prefect system is also designed to provide a network of support, which covers all aspects of school life. A Prefect’s responsibility is not limited to the specific duties of his position.

Pupils with potential in leadership in Class IX and above will be considered for the post of Monitors.

Prefects are expected to have the trust and respect of both pupils and teachers. Clear criteria will be applied in deciding which pupils are deserving of Prefect status. Prefects will only be selected following consultation with the Vice-Principal, the Second Assistant and House Masters. The Principal will appoint all Student Authorities.

The Principal, or a teacher delegated by him, will allocate specific duties and responsibilities.

Prefects will be accountable.

Prefects will receive active guidance and support throughout the course of the year.

Prefects will receive privileges and formal recognition in return for discharging their duties responsibly.

i)  College Captain (a pupil of Class XII)
ii) College Vice-Captain (s) (Classes XI-XII)
iii) House Captains of Cornwallis House, Hodson House Lyons House & Martin House (Class XII)
iv) Vice-Captains of Cornwallis House, Hodson House Lyons House & Martin House (Classes X-XII)
v) Monitors (Classes IX and above)
vi) Other Prefects
Prefects and Monitors are selected on the basis of pupils demonstrating the following attributes:
i) Commitment and dedication to academics
ii) Good conduct
iii) Qualities of leadership
iv) Participation in school life – especially co-curricular activities
v) Positive attitude
vi) Commitment to excellence
vii) Respect towards ALL members of the school community
viii) Good role model for other students
ix) Esteem and respect of comrades and confidence of teachers.

1. Teachers will be asked to make initial recommendations. The names of suitable boys shall be submitted to the Principal who will consult the respective Housemasters.
2. The Principal will consider staff comments and issue a first list of new Prefects..
3. The College Captain and College Vice-Captain(s) shall be appointed by the Principal from among the Prefects and shall take precedence over all the other Prefects.
4. The College Vice-Captain(s) shall assist the College Captain in his duties. In the event of the absence of the School Captain the Principal or a teacher delegated by him shall appoint a College Vice-Captain to act as College Captain. The Vice Captain(s) need not necessarily become College Captain when the latter leaves the College.
5. All teachers are responsible for monitoring the progress of Prefects and non-Prefects throughout the course of the year and making recommendations to the Principal.
6. A pupil not selected for a post of authority may be provided with justification for the decision and targets to be achieved for consideration for a post at a later stage.
7. Selection at a later date for other pupils remains a distinct possibility, subject to them meeting the criteria given above.
8. All staff will provide feedback comments and concerns to the Principal throughout the course of the year on the conduct and contribution of Prefects and Monitors.
9. The Principal alone will appoint or demote Prefects and Monitors.
10. The Principal’s decision in all matters related to selection and allocation of duties of Prefects and Monitors will be final.

All Prefects and Monitors will:
i) Set a good example with integrity, fairness and good conduct.
ii) Set a good example by maintenance of good uniform and correctness of wardrobe.
iii) Support others in following all rules and regulations of La Martiniere.
iv)  Act as a role model for other students at all College functions, including Chapel Services and Assembly.
v)  Co-operate with the College Captain in carrying out the duties of their office.
vi)  Seek appropriate intervention by a member of Staff, without delay, when aware of a student who needs immediate attention.
vii)  Act as ambassadors of the College. They are responsible for welcoming visitors and giving full tours of the school to tourists, guests of the College, parents and other visitors.
viii)  In consultation with the Principal, help plan social and educational activities for the school.
ix) Look after an area of school life such as sports, choir, or chapel as directed.
x) Organize the House activities, matches and competitions.
xii) Encourage sportsmanship amongst those who play and those who watch games. Jeering and cat calls should be strongly discouraged.
xiii) Be on the look out for bullying, indecent language and misconduct among the boys. When necessary they shall be expected to report boys who offend in these respects to the College Captain.
xiv) Prevent damage to school property.
xv) Boarding House Prefects and Monitors, in addition, shall assist the Warden, Assistant Warden and House Masters in checking of lockers, House Rooms, dormitories and other common areas.
xvi) Boarding House Prefects will serve on the Food Committee to discuss all matters related to meals at school.
xvii) Boarding House Prefects and Monitors, within their own limitations, shall help to tutor junior pupils.
xviii) The duties of the Monitors are restricted to the control of the boys in their respective Houserooms. The maintenance of the Houserooms allotted shall be the special responsibility of the Monitors.

The Principal, or a teacher delegated by him, will allocate specific duties and responsibilities. Specific duties include: Proctor duty at College functions, Assembly, Punctuality, Uniform, Escorts, Formal representation of the College, Discipline in designated areas, Tuck-shop duties, Choir, inspection of classrooms, maintenance of Houserooms and so on.
i) Prefects shall have direct access to the Principal on any subject and at any time.
ii) Any boy refusing to obey a reasonable order given by a Prefect or breaking a school rule shall be brought before the House Captain and thereafter the College Captain. The College Captain/House Captain may report the matter to the Housemaster. If the offence is very serious the offender shall be brought before the Principal.
iii) The Prefects’ Room shall be reserved for the Prefects and no other boys shall be allowed to enter without permission.
iv) Prefects may not be sent to Detention Class without the authorization of the Principal.
v) Badges for Prefects and Monitors shall be worn during school hours. Prefects may retain them on leaving school if their term of office has been satisfactory.
vi) Every Pupil Authority shall be entitled to wear on his blazer the title of his office (College Captain, College Vice-Captain, House Captain, Prefect, Monitor) above the College Crest.
vii) Prefects will wear the Prefects tie (double yellow stripes).
viii)  At social functions, Prefects shall be permitted to wear black trousers instead of white trousers. The remainder of the uniform will remain the same as for all other pupils.
ix) Prefects will receive special invitations for school functions, if they are not on duty.
x) Every year a group photograph of the Prefects shall be taken and a copy hung in the Prefects’ Room.
Being a Prefect at La Martiniere College, Lucknow is a highly distinguished recognition. It is a matter of pride and responsibility. The tone of the whole College to a considerable extent depends on the bearing of the Prefects and Monitors. At the same time, happy days in school must not be spoilt by making policemen of Prefects and Monitors.