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Weight of School Bags

It has become an unhealthy habit for all pupils to carry all books in a school bag every day. At La Martniere College, we have taken the initiative to arrange the time-table to space out subjects of study, while also considering the weight of academic material required per day. Below is a table that records the approximate combined weight of books and notebooks required for each of the week. Kindly note this does not include the weight of the school bag itself, pencil box and other items which a boy might carry but are not necessary for the academic programme.

Day Class IClass IIClass IIIClass IVClass V
Monday1.5 Kgs2.0 Kgs3.0 Kgs3.0 Kgs2.5 Kgs
Tuesday2.0 Kgs1.5 Kgs3.0 Kgs2.0 kgs4.0 Kgs
Wednesday2.0 Kgs2.0 Kgs2.5 Kgs3.0 kgs4.0 Kgs
Thursday2.0 Kgs1.5 Kgs4.0 Kgs3.0 Kgs4.0 Kgs
Friday2.0 Kgs1.5 Kgs3.0 Kgs2.0 Kgs3.0 Kgs
Saturday1.0 Kgs1.0 Kgs1.5 Kgs1.5 Kgs1.5 Kgs