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a. All students MUST appear for all school examinations.
b. Promotion will be decided on the performance of student over the entire year and not only on the basis of the Final examination.
c. The Progress Report Card is an official document. No separate transcripts will be issued.
d. Parents are expected to sign the Progress Report Cards and to make a note of the record of attendance.
e. No student will be permitted to leave the room while the examination is in progress.
f. In the event of an examination having to be postponed owing to unavoidable circumstances, it will be conducted on the first working day after the last examination scheduled to he held, unless otherwise intimated.
g. The use of unfair means in all examinations and/or possession of unauthorized material in a test/examination will entail the annulment of the entire result. If it occurs during a final examination, promotion will be denied. If the offence is repeated in a subsequent examination, parents/guardians will be requested to withdraw their son/ward from the College.
h. A student who renders unfair assistance to another is equally culpable and will be punished in the same manner.
i. The Principal might use his discretion to call for re-examinations of those students who have failed an examination or have failed in a particular subject.