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Children’s Day

Children’s Day was celebrated at La Martiniere College on the 14th of November with much exhilaration and enthusiasm. Like every year, as is traditional, the boys replaced the staff that conducts the Assembly on usual days, and went ahead to do an impersonation that left the whole school in splits. The College Captain, Sarthak Kumar, played the role of our Principal, and his call for suspending the “notorious Bullet Gang” was well received by the boys. Perhaps the best impersonation was performed by Naman Srivastava who mimicked Mr. Neeraj Srivastava. His photography skills were well appreciated by everyone present. The hilarious assembly was followed by an entertainment programme consisting of various performances by the teachers. The programme was hosted by the ever-energetic Mr. Kerr, with Dr. A. Haque emerging as the star of the hour followed by a group singing performance by Mr. Lal, Mr. J. Kapoor, Ma’am K. Singh, Ma’am Khanna and Ma’am Michael. Last but not the least was the colourful gypsy-themed ramp walk by the teachers.

But what’s important is to reflect on the importance of children’s day at La Martiniere, which is a day to cherish ones moments of joy with  friends, one’s occasional anguish with one’s teachers and the various lessons and scolding one received from them.



Posted on: 14 Nov, 2017